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What can I do from here?


From the BRICS portal you can access declaration pages, auto ID cards, billing and claim information and schedule EFT sweep payments for all of your agency's in-force Wolverine policies.

Additionally, the following resources are available from this website:

  • Wolverine Mutual Rule and Rate Manuals
  • BRICS EFT/Credit Card Authorization Form
  • BRICS Payment Plan Summary Document
  • Marshall Swift/Boeckh RCT Express Website
  • Wolverine Rating Software Download
  • Premium Destinations Travel Incentive Information
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  • At least Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. For Internet Explorer 6 minimum system requirements, please see:
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 needed for optimal viewing.
  • JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
  • Popup blockers must be disabled for both and




Quick Response

Need a quote on a new policy?

Your local Wolverine Mutual independent insurance agent will respond quickly to your request. Unlike discount insurance agents that limit your choices or force you to settle for an insurance package that’s “close” to the coverage you want, your Wolverine agent will listen to your actual needs. You’ll learn what are state-mandated coverages and get advice on which optional coverages best suit your circumstances. Your agent will show you what discounts you qualify for so you can save on your premiums year after year. And you’ll learn what payment plan works with your budget.