Insurance Products

Most days go well. Then it happens. An accident. Fire. Nasty weather. Suddenly the things you value need repair or replacing. It’s during those difficult times that you discover the value of your insurance coverage, your agent and insurance company.

As you look at insurance policies, ask yourself what level of coverage will provide the peace of mind you want for your car, home, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle. You have our assurance that the policies listed below are written to help you protect the things and people you value most.

keysAutomobile Policies

Protect yourself from costly surprises.

Crunching metal is a terrible sound. But it’s worse to hear from your insurance agent that you don’t have adequate auto insurance coverage and you will have to pay higher out-of-pocket repair, replacement or medical costs. That’s why it’s important as you shop for insurance, that you don’t shortchange your coverage. So when you talk to an independent insurance agent, ask about Wolverine Mutual – and learn how to get the most value for your insurance dollar.


houseHomeowner Policies

Protect your home for less.

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. It shelters the people you care about the most and houses the things you own. So it’s imperative that you have adequate insurance protection. Not just insurance that covers the market value of your house, but enough protection to rebuild it in the event of a total loss.



Motorcycle Policies

helmetSafeguard your freedom machine all year round.

Freedom. It is the power of cc’s surging from the engine. It’s the wind in your face as two wheels meet the pavement. And it’s the knowledge that your machine … whether a scooter, motorcycle, high-performance cycle or touring bike … is completely protected.



Watercraft Policies

boatRelax … your boat or yacht is covered.

Whether you sail, troll or pound the waves at 65 mph, Wolverine Mutual offers the coverage your pleasure craft or yacht really needs. Actual boat owners write the easy-to-understand polices for hulls valued up to $500,000. They know why you value “replacement cost” coverage on newer hulls, “agreed value” coverage on eligible boats, automatic coverage for unattached equipment and personal effects coverage.



Rental Property Policies

rentalProtect your rental property for less.

Wolverine Mutual rental property program provides comprehensive coverage on one or two-family rental dwellings that you own, but do not occupy. This coverage applies to individual owners or L.L.C.s, but not to professionally managed properties and corporations.



Recreational Vehicle Policies

atvProtect your “fun” with Wolverine Mutual peace of mind.

Good times are waiting for you in the great outdoors. Hunting. Fishing. Riding miles on off-road and snowmobile trails. That’s why it’s important to choose the right coverage for your “fun” machine – your four-wheel ATV, trail bike, snowmobile, golf cart or utility vehicle. You can find that peace of mind at Wolverine Mutual. 



Personal Umbrella Liability Policies

personalGet up to $5 million in peace-of-mind protection.

There are plenty of reasons in today’s litigious culture to be worried about lawsuits. Yet your independent agent can help you get the financial peace of mind you want with a Wolverine Mutual personal umbrella policy. This extra layer of liability protection easily can be added to your auto, homeowners, watercraft, recreational vehicle and rental property policies.





Quick Response

Need a quote on a new policy?

Your local Wolverine Mutual independent insurance agent will respond quickly to your request. Unlike discount insurance agents that limit your choices or force you to settle for an insurance package that’s “close” to the coverage you want, your Wolverine agent will listen to your actual needs. You’ll learn what are state-mandated coverages and get advice on which optional coverages best suit your circumstances. Your agent will show you what discounts you qualify for so you can save on your premiums year after year. And you’ll learn what payment plan works with your budget.