Personal Umbrella Liability Policies

Get up to $5 million in peace-of-mind protection.

There are plenty of reasons in today’s litigious culture to be worried about lawsuits. So ask your independent agent to help you get the financial peace of mind you want with a Wolverine Mutual personal umbrella policy. This extra layer of liability protection easily can be added to your auto, homeowners, watercraft, recreational vehicle and rental property policies.


A surprisingly affordable added coverage

Wolverine Mutual offers umbrella liability coverage in limits of $1 million to $5 million. Even though it is seven-figure coverage, this policy is amazingly affordable. You will especially want to add this protection if you:

  • Own a swimming pool, have a diving board or water slide
  • Drive students to field trips
  • Need gap protection against liability claims not covered by your comprehensive Wolverine Mutual auto or homeowners policy
  • Want coverage for your legal defense costs if someone files a lawsuit against you
  • Want personal injury protection against libel, slander, malicious prosecution, defamation of character, invasion of privacy or discrimination suits

And this protection will cover you and others on your policy no matter where your covered incident occurs in the world.



Quick Response

Need a quote on a new policy?

Your local Wolverine Mutual independent insurance agent will respond quickly to your request. Unlike discount insurance agents that limit your choices or force you to settle for an insurance package that’s “close” to the coverage you want, your Wolverine agent will listen to your actual needs. You’ll learn what are state-mandated coverages and get advice on which optional coverages best suit your circumstances. Your agent will show you what discounts you qualify for so you can save on your premiums year after year. And you’ll learn what payment plan works with your budget.