Protect your “fun” with Wolverine Mutual peace of mind


Good times are waiting for you in the great outdoors.  How you get to your fun spots – with your four-wheel ATV, trail bike, snowmobile, golf cart or utility vehicle – needs the right insurance protection. You will find that peace of mind at Wolverine Mutual.

To qualify for our recreational vehicle protection you need to insure your home with us. Ask your agent to share all the advantages of our homeowners policy with you.


Protect your “fun” with Wolverine Mutual peace of mind

Once your home is insured with Wolverine, you can protect the following recreational vehicles with all risk physical damage coverage as well as liability and medical payment coverage:


Get excellent value and service for your insurance dollar.

There are definite advantages to working with an independent agent who contracts with Wolverine Mutual. Your agent:

  1. Works locally so you get sound advice on the types of coverage you’ll need in your community.
  2. Represents multiple companies, so he or she can research and evaluate various policy options and help you choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.
  3. Looks out for you by submitting your new policy application and future changes quickly and accurately.
  4. Helps us respond fast and fairly (usually within 24 hours) when you make a claim.

To find an independent insurance agent that can get you the protection you need, click here.






Quick Response

Need a quote on a new policy?

Your local Wolverine Mutual independent insurance agent will respond quickly to your request. Unlike discount insurance agents that limit your choices or force you to settle for an insurance package that’s “close” to the coverage you want, your Wolverine agent will listen to your actual needs. You’ll learn what are state-mandated coverages and get advice on which optional coverages best suit your circumstances. Your agent will show you what discounts you qualify for so you can save on your premiums year after year. And you’ll learn what payment plan works with your budget.