Motorcycle Insurance

Safeguard your freedom machine all year

Freedom. It's the power of cc’s surging from the engine. It’s the wind in your face as two wheels meet the pavement. And it’s the confidence that comes when your motorcycle is fully protected all year by Wolverine Mutual.

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The advantages

Protect your ride. We insure high performance, touring, certain trikes and most Harley Davidson models; motor scooters; helmets and riding gear. Cyclists rank our factory-installed optional and added equipment coverage one of the best in the nation.
365 days of coverage for only a nine-month premium. Cut costs even more with our winter months “comp only” coverage.
Save hundreds of dollars with one deductible.
Six-month coverage available; renews automatically.*
Custom coverage choices

The savings

Lower your premium rate up to 50% with these discounts.

Your agent will provide full details about how to qualify and the savings you'll see:

  • Tour bike (most makes)
  • Honda Goldwing tour bike
  • Multi-bike
  • Experienced operator (three or more years of safe driving)
  • New insurance carrier when you switch your policy to us
  • Renewal (every year you return turns into savings)
  • Mature operator (discounts for policyholders who are 30-44 years old or 45 years and older)
  • Auto/homeowner coverage with Wolverine Mutual
  • Higher deductible (choose from $100, $250, $500 or $1,000)
Ride knowing "it's covered"

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 *Providing that Wolverine Mutual Insurance Company chooses to renew the policy and that the customer continues payment of the agreed premiums.




Wolverine’s Claim Service Rated the Best in Michigan

Every two years, the Michigan Association of Insurance Agencies (MAIA) asks its member agencies to rank their carriers in their Agent Survey of Companies.

In the recently-released 2016 survey, Wolverine Mutual was ranked 1st in the Claims Handling in Personal Lines category. We not only earned top billing in this important category but our score was the single highest score in any category in the survey.

We’re thrilled with the honor!

Nothing is more important to us than providing fast, fair and responsive claim service to our valuable policyholders. You can count on our commitment to deliver an excellent claims experience.

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